Mobile Veterinary Clinic Advantages

One of the most stressful situations for you and your Pet can be a trip to the Vet. The Purr and Bark Veterinary Mobile Doctor, in Raleigh North Carolina, relives a great deal of this stress by bringing the Vet to you, at your home.

  • No more long waits in a lobby with other sick animals.
  • Convenient for the elderly, disabled, or the home bound.
  • No more animal hair, (or worse) in your car or on you.
  • Pets react much better in their own familiar environment.
  • Convenient for those with small children or multiple pets.
  • Appointments can be arranged after work or on weekends.
  • Very cost comparative with our “walk in” hospital

In your home setting, your Pet receives quality veterinary care just as they receive at our Hospital.

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