Mobile Veterinary Clinic Policies


For appointments made for the Purr and Bark Mobile Doctor please note that there maybe a 15-minute window either before or after the scheduled time. Traffic conditions beyond our control may have an effect on our arrival time. In order to insure that we will be able to see our patients in a timely manner, it is recommended that appointments be scheduled prior to arrival. This helps our ability to see each client on time, and lessen your wait time.

Prior To Our Arrival Policy

Prior to our arrival, please have your pet contained in a secure room, or a crate. Preferably a bathroom works best for cats. Animals have an unbelievable sixth sense when it comes to their scheduled appointments. They will disappear and hide before we arrive. Because of our time restraints and other appointments, we are not able to remove Pets from under beds or search for missing Pets. If we are not able to find or retrieve your Pet, we will have to charge the Trip Fee for the visit. Also have any records that you may have if this will be the first time we will be seeing your Pet.

Once We Arrive Policy

Once we arrive for your scheduled appointment, your Pet may either be seen in our Mobile Clinic, or inside your home. It all depends on what services we are going to provide. If your animal is scheduled for a surgery or anesthetic procedure it is necessary to keep your Pet with us for the day. This is to make sure it is up and alert. Please, no food or water after midnight the night before the procedure, and none the morning before the procedure. Also take away all rawhides or toys that can be ingested at this time. Proof that patients are current on rabies vaccinations. We also may require routine pre-surgical blood work to screen for possible anesthetic risks.

Payment Policy

Payment is expected when services are rendered. We accept Cash, Personal Checks, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard.

Cancellation Policy

We realize that appointment adjustments are occasionally unavoidable. Please understand that a no show, or a cancellation, leads to an inconvenience to our staff and our other clients. Because of the nature of the mobile service, we incur costs, as well as time, if an appointment is missed. As a courtesy, please provide 24-hour notice when cancelling or rescheduling an appointment. If the conflict occurs with in the 24-hour time frame, please call as soon as possible so that we may rearrange our schedule.