VIP Taxi

The Purr and Bark Taxi is a convenient pick-up and return service that is offered to our clients.

In some situations it may be more convenient to have your Pet picked up and returned in our heated and air conditioned van. This will also solve the problem of any damage, or hair, or worse, to your vehicle. There may also be a situation that you need medication or special diet foods delivered to your home or office.

This service is also available to transport Pets that have a medical emergency. We are able to safely able to assist you in transporting Pet back to our hospital in Raleigh or to an emergency hospital of your choice.

This service is available during our normal business hours, and only for non-aggressive, crate complaint Pets.

Please note that this service is primarily for our clients that need transportation to our facility and back. If you need Pet transportation to another facility, please contact: PET EMT at 919.876.3788.